As Buddha said: Come and See, yourself. | Comme Bouddha a dit : Venez et Voir, vous mme. | Như  Đức  Phật đ ni:  Đến v Xem, chnh mnh.
What does "Buddha" mean?  Who was the Buddha?

Only just hearing the  word Buddha, peole immediately think of the Buddhas image or the Enlightened One and this appears to be entirely true.
But sometimes the word Buddha is often misunderstood as the name of a Buddha. So where  does the word Buddha come from and what it means?. Who or what is the meaning of Buddha, according to the English-Sanskrit, French-Sanskrit or English-Pali and French-Pali dictionaries are annotated generally as follows: In Sanskrit and Pali, the word Buddha is not a proper name. It is an epithet used for those who have achieved enlightenment by their perfect knowledge of the truth.

The word Buddha comes from the  verbal root budh  in Sanskrit and it is the perfect passive participle.
√ budh means: to wake up, to awaken, to know, to understand, perceive According to the Pali language books, the word Buddha is known by the following structure: √  Budh + ta  =   Budhta  and  following the rules  of sandhi, the t, becomes d, assimilates to the preceding dh, that why the word Budhta is changed into the word Buddha. An other form of the word Buddha is also seen: Budha + ya + ti = budhyati (dh + ya becomes jjha (Sandhi)) = Bujjhati. Bujjhati means: to know, to understand, perceive, one who has attained enlightenment, Enlightened One, Buddha ...

The word Buddha is written in Latin transliteration as: Buddha and  in devanagari like: बुद्ध. The transliteration of word Buddha from  Devanāgarī to the Roman script: ब् = b(consonant). Transcription:[b]. | = u(vowel). Transcription:[u]. | द् = d(consonant). Transcription:[]. | ध्  =dh(consonant). Transcription:[d̪ʱ]. | = a(vowel) . Transcription:[ɐ].
Declension table of
Buddha-sterm in Sanskrit:













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buddhaḥ; बुद्धः  
buddhau; बुद्धौ
buddhāḥ; बुद्धाः
buddha; बुद्ध
buddhau; बुद्धौ
buddhāḥ; बुद्धाः
buddham; बुद्धम्
buddhau; बुद्धौ
buddhān; बुद्धान्
buddhena; बुद्धेन
buddhābhyām; बुद्धाभ्याम्
buddhaiḥ; बुद्धैः
buddhāya; बुद्धाय  
buddhābhyām; बुद्धाभ्याम्
buddhebhyaḥ; बुद्धेभ्यः
buddhāt; बुद्धात्  
buddhābhyām; बुद्धाभ्याम्
buddhebhyaḥ; बुद्धेभ्यः
buddhasya; बुद्धस्य  
buddhayoḥ; बुद्धयोः
buddhānām; बुद्धानाम्
buddhe; बुद्धे  
buddhayoḥ; बुद्धयोः
buddheṣu; बुद्धेषु